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We help companies grow through digital marketing and web development. By utilizing these tactics, we can help you create a larger, stronger customer base that results in higher profits and enhanced relationships. We value the importance of customer care, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service and technical support. Your success is our business.


1. PHP Development-Smarty, Cake PHP, Zend Framework
2. Website Design-XHTML, CSS, Flash
3. Web Hosting- Windows/Linux Server Management (Shared or Dedicated), Email Management, Domain Name
4. CMS-Joomla, Drupal, Dot Net Nuke, WordPress
5. Payment Gateway Integration-PayPal/ WorldPay/ Google Checkout/ Protx/ Secpayetc
6. Development and Web Hosting at one place
7. Java/J2EE

8. ASP/ASP Dot NET Development-AJAX, Web Services

9. Search Engine Optimization, On-Page, Off-page, Internet Marketing, Link Campaign, PPC
10. Application Development – Blackberry Applications, iPhone Applications, Android Applications

11. CRM Applications-Typo3/Vtiger/SugarCRM

12. Shopping Carts-Zencart /X-cart/ OSCommerce/ Magento

Welcome to the age of SEO

Let’s cut to the chase here – a website isn’t good enough nowadays. If search engines can’t find you, the ugly truth is no one will. So, how do you nab the top spot? Say hello to the wonderfully-complex practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In a few words, SEO is the art of helping improve website positioning on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s a formula that takes time, strategy and the best minds to uncover. Equipped with all the above, we’re expanding our clients’ reach across all major search engines that end in higher revenues and smiling faces. Our bottom line is simply this: to help you become a traffic – and profit – magnet.

Our Strategy

Laying out a good road map is key for any business to carry out goals. As a leading business consulting company, we take the time to truly understand the intimate details of your business to present you with a fully-tailored SEO strategy to help maximize visibility and help you stay ahead of and outperform your competition. Oh, and more importantly, we do it the ethical way. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients’ websites climbing the rank ladder. But when it comes down to following the rules, we don’t mess around. We integrate SEO best practices using only white-hat techniques, something Google and other search engines admire and reward with long term search engine placement. Our SEO research team runs a full gamut of SEO tactics that help yield top query results.

Local SEO

Gone the years of placing ads in the local Yellow Pages. Since 1 out of 5 searches on Google are related to location, we want to make sure your business is the go-to business in your community. We start by implementing a local SEO strategy that helps your local market find your business on the ‘net by adding and maintaining your listings on Google Places, Bing and more.

Monitoring & Reporting

In the SEO realm, the only thing constant is change. We closely monitor results via Google’s web analytics and make changes to your SEO strategy on a continuous basis to ensure you stay at the top – even if the algorithm takes yet another turn. From collecting keyword insights to analyzing conversion rates, we drill deep to find more and more ways to get you high marks.

On-page Optimization

Our SEO wizards get to work on optimizing your site top to bottom. This includes implementing the important stuff like title tags, site architecture, and other on-page elements that creates real impact for the search engine crawlers.

SEO Copy writing

The way to a search engine’s heart is through quality content. Google and the like love, good content. Not just any content, but original, compelling, relevant content. SEO copy-writing is equal parts Google talk and Human talk, and we’re fully bilingual.

Keyword Research & Strategy

We love keywords, and so do search engines. We perform comprehensive keyword research and analysis to determine which phrases will help drive relevant traffic to your website to ultimately land your business in the “seen” zone.

Social Media Marketing

The Social Media revolution is here – and it’s staying put.

Social media is the biggest enchilada in town. It’s revolutionized the way people communicate with each other, and as expected, has transformed the way businesses connect with their customers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have extraordinarily allowed for a two-way personal dialogue between brands and consumers – something never done before. When used right, social networks put the power of the people in anyone’s hands – including yours. And that’s where we come in. We help you navigate through the evolving social media maze to leverage your brand. To help you talk to customers the authentic way to help you grow. We build relationships between brands and consumers through the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. We help you participate in up-close-and-personal conversations with fans that start with superficial interest and end in long-term trust. With our social marketing services, you can harness word-of mouth marketing to ignite brand awareness, generate leads and, ultimately, drive profits. Intrigued? You should be.

Our Social Media Marketing strategies include:

  • Social Channel Creation & Branding
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Community Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Social Listening & Monitoring
  • Social Content Development & Sharing
  • Viral Campaign Creation & Management
  • Application Development

Email Marketing:

Email newsletters are still widely considered to be one of the most effective marketing instruments for any successful business. We can help you communicate your message in a big way. That wows your subscribers.

How’s that for attractive?

We specialize in providing professional, eye-catching website design that brings your brand’s identity to life. As a leading web design company, we pride ourselves on our ability to build visually-pleasing websites – show-stoppers, if you will – that are easy to navigate and greatly interactive to leave the very best impression on clients and prospects. Our top notch designers can build you a new website from scratch, give your current site a face-lift, or redesign the outdated thing all together. Whatever your case may be, the end product will include the appropriate graphics, navigation, and aesthetics to help convert window-shopping traffic into long lasting patronage. Boom!

Tell your story the Ooh-la-la way

First impressions say a lot, especially when it comes to the design of a website. If a site’s look resembles anything less than alluring, visitors are likely walking elsewhere – and worse, into the arms of the competition. We’re not exaggerating. Studies actually reveal that web design quality directly affects a visitor’s perception of a company’s professionalism. If you currently find yourself with an unappealing interface, or simply looking to avoid landing the eyesore list, let’s start talking. At Gate To Funding we don’t just build websites, we turn beautiful designs into real life brand experiences.

We Generate Sales

We can do it all:

  • Design it
  • Write it
  • Execute  it

Email Template Design:

Each email marketing blast we produce features a custom layout that expresses the personality of our clients. We can create a unique template that caters to your needs, complete with your logo, company colors and engaging visuals.

Content Creation:

Content matters – big time. We can write compelling email copy that grabs your subscribers’ attention and reflects your voice. How we prepare it – either with promotions, specials, or basic informational news – is entirely up to you.

Mobile Marketing Services:

Today’s consumer is increasingly turning to mobile search when they are out-and-about to make purchasing decisions. This means your brand has the ability to connect with your audience wherever and whenever it most makes sense.

GATE TO FUNDING is ready to build a holistic mobile strategy that integrates with your brand’s overall marketing approach. Text Messaging & Short Codes
Fact: 97% of text marketing messages are opened.
With a stat like that, how could you not consider embracing this digital marketing tool? Texting isn’t just great for your personal life – it can be outstanding for business too. Our SMS messaging and short codes (think “text 12345″) features allow you to stay in touch with customers and communicate instantly with leads through reminders, updates and specials that’ll have them coming back for more.

Whether you turbo-charge your marketing campaigns with instant call-to-actions, or turn on window shoppers into buyers by placing an incentive on a window or sign outside your store, you’re sure to see instant results with our text messaging service.

Every web development project we take under our wing is custom tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our web developers play with today’s best technologies like HTML5/CSS, MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript to deliver breakthrough work. The end result is a squeaky clean, elegantly-coded website that is user-friendly and search engine approved. Simply put, we’ve got all the technical ingredients to help your business grow online. The only thing that’s left is, well, you. Here’s a glimpse of other cool web services that we provide to our clients. It’s just another perk of partnering with us. Gates To Funding Hosting.
Gate To Funding hosts your site on a cloud-based server: a gi

Email Services

With access to both webmail and traditional POP mail, you can check your email anywhere, anytime safely and securely. One email account or your multi-office company, we are your email system administrator.

SSL Certificates

In this day and age, people are on-the-go and often take their laptop or tablet to wireless hot spots to surf. These hot spots should be locked down and encrypted, but more than often are not, and this makes it easy for a hacker to intercept communications. To ensure that you and your clients’ sensitive information is secure, we use SSL Certificates.

Mobile Websites

Mobile internet is in. Smartphones have made it easier for people to search and buy products online, right from their mobile devices. In fact, mobile web use is predicted to surpass desktop internet usage in 2014. Bottom line: the time to go mobile is now and we’re here to put your business in front of consumers, wherever they are.
We develop mobile-friendly websites that look great on all types of devices, such as, iPhone, Android, iPad and Kindle Fire. With a mobile website, you will be able to:
• Target mobile consumers on the go
• Deliver a more delightful user experience
• One-up your competition Why go mobile?
• Reach consumers “on-the-run”: We can assemble a mobile site that makes it easy for shoppers running around town find exactly what they’re looking for whether it’s locating your map for GPS directions or tapping a phone number that calls you instantly.

• Fast, easy-to-use navigation: Mobile Internet users want an easy browsing experience. Your mobile-optimized site will have smaller images, less content and powerful call-to-actions to attract and convert prospects into customers.
• Be better than your competitors: Websites that offer a less-than-pleasing user experience (ex: slow loading, cluttered text) are likely to drive potential customers to the competition. We design mobile-ready sites with all the right features and functions that delights your prospects and rewards your bottom line.

Brochure Websites

Effectiveness you’d expect from a premium website

We get that no business is exactly the same. Sometimes, all a company really needs is a basic, straightforward website to get them noticed in the digital sphere. If you’re looking to put your name out there in a big way without the big price tag, let’s talk. A brochure website may be precisely what you need – and precisely what we can provide you.

We offer a variety of web design options that help businesses like yours establish a meaningful online presence that resonates with users. A brochure site is a cost-effective way to showcase your business in a “brochure-like” way; essentially including the same information one might find in a company brochure. This type of website can work wonders for small businesses or start-ups who simply want to give users the essential details about their products and services without the need to update content. Your competition has full access to the web, why shouldn’t you?
It typically comprises of the following pages:

• Homepage
• About Us
• Services/Products
• Contact Us

Web Analytics

Laying the cold hard stats on the table. You may be aware that website traffic alone doesn’t yield results. So what really opens the window to real online value? It’s a little something we like to call web analytics. Web analytics is paramount for success because it drives our strategic process. It’s the running force behind our plans, campaigns and SEO efforts. It gives us clarity in the quantitative landscape by answering key questions like: Where is traffic coming from? Which pages are attracting your visitors? How many visitors convert into customers?

GATE TO FUNDING provides analytic reporting via Google Analytics to track and analyze your website’s traffic to see what’s working for your site and what needs a touch up. It helps us – and you – get an insightful, magnifying overview of your site’s performance by detailing things like inbound links, referring search terms, and click-through rates.

Website Design & Development

We believe everyone who wants a professional, interactive website should have one so Gate To Funding provides personalized attention to clients of  all sizes. No matter how big or small your website needs to be, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom strategies utilizing professional web design, web development, search engine optimization and support.

Digital Marketing Services

Mobile, Email or Social Media Marketing. We’ll take care of it all. Today’s customers are relying more than ever on the web to assist them with their purchasing decisions. Expand your reach and influence by tapping into the instantaneous digital lifestyle of your consumer, whatever their choice of communication may be.

Total Client Support

When you need a change to your website, you simply call us and we make it happen. This level of personal service isn’t the kind of support that you get when you go with some other companies; we are invested in the success of your site. We offer high-touch, hands-on support that makes keeping your site up-to-date as easy as sending an email. We’re here to help you keep your online-presence professional, current and functional.