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501 c-3 Grant Proposal Basics

501 c 3 Grant Proposal Basics

This article is to provide you with some basic information to get you started in applying for awards for your 501 c 3 organization. We will be providing more information on a frequent basis to guide you toward preparing those winning grant proposals.

Over the past several months, we have studied many foundations, businesses and government agencies that give awards to 501 c 3 organizations. We have found that in general these funders tend not to have an application with a list of questions (though some may).

Instead, these funders tend to ask the applying 501 c 3 to prepare a award proposal. This is really a plus for the 501c3 organizations that are applying for the award as it allows them some flexibility in terms of information to present. This allows the organization to provide information that is most important and that provides the most positive light for the organization.

The most common information required in your award proposals, include:

- A concise description of the organization and its purpose and program.

- Specific amount of money requested.

- Brief description of the purpose for which the award would be used.

- A definite plan and timetable for successful completion of the project.

- Signature of the authorizing officer.

- Contact information including name, phone number, email, etc.

Use the information above to start preparing a basic award proposal document for your organization. Start with this document and build on it. We will be providing more information frequently to guide you toward continuing to build your award proposal document.

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